Sea Freight is one of the most popular shipping modes which is usually used by some big companies for export and import needs. Any business owners now can export their products to other countries thanks to the sea freight. Nowadays, some of the sea freight companies are competing with each other to be the greatest shipping partner in the world. Perhaps, you are a new business owner who wants to ship your products overseas. Therefore, you need to understand all about sea freight including the advantages and disadvantages of using this shipment mode.What is air freight? Air freight also known as air cargo is a goods delivery that is performed through air shipment by a certain shipping service. This goods shipment is done by using an aircraft or a special cargo airplane to deliver any goods through the air. However, the shipment using air freight is limited and it can only ship some certain products.

The Advantages of Sea Freight

There are some advantages of sea freight that you have to know. Some of the advantages are:
Cheap Shipping Cost

If we compare it to air freight, sea freight can be cheaper than air freight. You can export so many items overseas at affordable cost. Why is it quite affordable? One of the reasons is because sea freight can load so many containers at once. A big cargo vessel may load approximately 2000 containers at once. In this case, a vessel can send so many products in several countries. That’s why the management does not put a higher cost for product shipping.

Well, those are some advantages and disadvantages of sea freight that you have to know and you can choose it because you want to export a lot of items in some containers. Meanwhile, if you really consider the speed, then air freight must be a better choice.

No Pollution Shipping

Instead of affordability, sea freight is also known to be a greener shipping mode. Some of the business owners may prefer a greener transportation when dealing with shipping. In fact, air freight may produce a lot of polluting gasses and has limited space to load some goods. Meanwhile, sea freight is healthier and greener mode as well as provides a bigger space for loading a lot of items. But, not all of the business owners consider the greener transportation as an important thing. They may thing about speed, that’s why they prefer air freight rather than sea freight.

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