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Customs Clearance Malaysia


There are so many goods that are imported from other countries to get inside Malaysia and vice versa. Certainly, all of those goods are not that easy to get to the country because the importers must deal with customs clearance Malaysia so that their goods are allowed to be distributed in Malaysia. If there are some illegal goods and provide no documents at all, the customs clearance Malaysia will not permit the goods to get into the country before the importers complete the documents.

How can I import goods from other countries or export to Malaysia?
The process of import and export can be done by using all shipping modes. You may choose sea freight to import products from other countries if truck cargo is not possible. You may use truck freight when you import some goods from some countries like Thailand and Singapore because both of the countries are close. Air freight can also be possible for faster shipping, but it must be really expensive. Some certain goods may be required to ship through sea freight such as Oil or other products. Somehow, it also depends on the freight service that you hire. You need to choose a trustworthy freight service to make your goods safe when arriving at the destination. The customs clearance Malaysia will check all of the imported goods before they are released and the customs will only release the goods that have all of the documents needed.
Well, those are some procedures of customs clearance Malaysia that you should know. It is also important for you to make sure that the products, especially foods are halal according to Islam because the government may not give permission to some goods that are not allowed or prohibited according to the country regulation.

Procedure of Customs clearance in Malaysia

In the import procedure, any goods imported or any goods that are brought from other countries according to the regulation must be written on the customer form. The importer must describe the goods in details including the package, type, value, quantity, weight, and where the items come from, and the destination. Besides, the written detail must be sent to the customs station in Malaysia. All of the goods that are imported must be paid before the goods will be distributed. Some of the documents needed are customer entry form, commercial invoice, packing list, bill of ladding, certificate, and the others.

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What if you forget or lose one single document?
Perhaps, it will be easy for you to complete the lost document if you only miss one single document. In this case, the importer needs to complete the paper before the goods are released. If it is totally illegal in which the goods do not have any document at all, then the government will not permit the goods distributions and the importer may not have a chance to complete the documents because it goes through the black market. So, before you import products from overseas and for those who want to export some products from other countries to Malaysia, you need to complete all of the papers and other necessary documents.

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