Project Cargo Handling


Handling project cargo is quite a difficult task that requires loading and unloading heavy goods with heavy equipment hauling. For this reason, it’s very important for you to choose your project company carefully that have experienced and specialized in the areas. Make sure to follow the tips below before choosing your project cargo handling partner.

Understanding Your Own Needs

The first thing you should carefully understand is no further than your own internal requirements. Prepare the list of your needed requirements. You need to determine what kind of transportation, how much shipping volume, and additional services that meet your need before contact the company. However, if you aren’t sure what is the best, don’t worry, a good forwarder must be provides you with free consultation about their service that will meet your requirements.

Do Some Research

When search for the right company that can do your project cargo handling, then there are some indicators you should look for. First, you should look at their licensing and reviews. You can also get to know more about their background, especially their safety rating. This information can be checked through Better Business Bureau. Or, you also need to check various sources such as terms, regulations, and anything else related to your shipment.  

Next, check on their delivery time. Usually, a transporter that has an exceptionally long haul means they take lots of transfer. Be careful, it can lead to wear and tear on your shipment. You can look for the transporter that has shorter moves or fewer transfers, so you can ensure a safer move on yours. However, short moves also can be other problems. Just ensure to always check on on-time delivery rate of the transporters. Last, make sure the company provide insurance that generally a requirement for haulers. Always ask their damage claims ratio and related insurance. The company might give you an option to purchase more insurance or you can get it from a third party.

Knowing that the company can handle multiple tasks is a point plus. You might need different services to do the shipping like sea freight, air freight, RORO, or others. If the company has the experience means that they get partners around the world handling all those kind of services. At the same time, you also need to check whether they can handle different combinations of shipment from transport, commodities, regulations, and destinations.

  • Fast Worldwide delivery

    Due ships some goods to the station only and they will not directly send the goods to the buyers or customers.

  • End-to-end solution available

    Provide expedition service which utilizes train or railroad as the transportation, who want to send some goods in domestic location, they can use railroad freight that can be a better way

  • Safety & Compliance

    Moves constantly and does not make any shaking. Therefore, all of the goods on the containers will be safe. Besides, it is also faster than truck cargo because the train will only follow the track and there is no traffic jam during the delivery.


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