There are some shipping modes that you can choose when you want to deliver your stuff to a certain location. You may send your goods through the sea, air, truck, and rail. All of the shipping modes have the same function in order to deliver any goods wherever we want to send it. However, it has a different way, cost, and effectiveness. Therefore, in this article, we would like to discuss everything about air freight service.
What is air freight? Air freight also known as air cargo is a goods delivery that is performed through air shipment by a certain shipping service. This goods shipment is done by using an aircraft or a special cargo airplane to deliver any goods through the air. However, the shipment using air freight is limited and it can only ship some certain products.

The Advantages of Air Freight
Even though the shipping process using airplane is limited for certain goods only, this shipping mode has some advantages if we compare it with other shipping modes. The first advantage of air freight is the speed. Air freight can be considered as the quickest way to deliver some goods to other countries. So, for those who want to send something overseas quickly, then air freight can be the best choice. The second advantage is the high level of security in which your stuff will be secured during the delivery process.

National and International Air Freight
Air freight is not only operating in the domestic area but also operating in an international area. When you count on national air freight, you do not need to deal with customs clearance and your goods can be delivered directly to customers. Meanwhile, International air freight needs to pass the countries’ customs clearance before the goods are delivered to the destination. Therefore, International air freight has to understand all about custom clearance needs and preparing all of the documents needed so that the goods can get inside the country.

In conclusion, speed can be a reason why people choose air freight when dealing with important and urgent stuff to deliver. However, air freight cannot send too many items in the airplane. Some items are also not allowed to ship via airplanes. That’s why you must choose other shipment modes to send certain products or items. Besides, when dealing with international shipping, international freight must also understand custom clearance.

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